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FreshBooks has a dependable and well-established support system that goes back as long as it has been operating. To start, there’s an excellent online area of the FreshBooks site that offers up a delicious selection of quick fix answers. There are top categories too, such as dashboard and settings, invoicing and payments or handling online payments, which cover the majority of newbie enquiries. In the UK, Freshbooks has teamed up with Barclays to offer joint bookkeeping solutions for customers, offering new ways to help with invoicing and wider business management tasks. It’s now possible to integrate Barclaycard Payments into FreshBooks, providing extra convenience for business customers.

  1. It includes one user in all plans but the Select tier (which allows two users); each additional user costs $11 per month.
  2. Categories are set up to closely resemble IRS tax filing categories, which will come in handy during tax season.
  3. But, once you sign up for a FreshBooks plan, check out our Advanced Payments feature, which includes recurring billing.
  4. FreshBooks goes from $8.50 per month during the promotional period to $17 per month when billed annually for the Lite option.
  5. Almost all software allows a bank connection, but FreshBooks is the only one among its major competitors that requires the connection; however, we don’t look at this in a completely negative way.

Accounting software can be a long and arduous journey if you’re not au fait with its different sensibilities, let alone the work involved in mastering a new system. However, FreshBooks has been honed and fine-tuned over the years and is now an inviting option, especially if you’re starting out in business. Freshbooks is also available for iOS or Android and the app edition is a clever supplement to the desktop arrangement. Not everyone wants to do everything on their app, especially if that involves large reams of numbers, but this is a great option if you’re keeping track of things on the go. Even if you’re operating a large or expanding business FreshBooks seems nicely engineered and rolls with the punches if you’re dealing with large chunks of customer data.

How does FreshBooks work?

The Lite plan offers plenty of features for the sole proprietor or freelancer. If you’re looking for more features, the Plus plan may be the best fit. Regularly priced at $25/month, the Plus plan is now available for $7.50/month for the first three months. Considered the most popular FreshBooks plan, the Plus plan includes features such as unlimited proposals, recurring invoices, late payment reminders, and scheduled late fees. Also available is the Premium plan, which can support up to 500 clients.

FreshBooks’ pros

We all want to be paid for our time, but how often do you forget to write down how much time you’ve spent on a job? Using the time-tracking option, you can easily log your time for any job, or start a timer to record the time automatically. If you’re creating custom invitations, though, you can add the expense of the paper purchased to Cost of Goods Sold. FreshBooks allows you to prepare your 1099s and W-2s and stores all of your tax information.

If you often do your business on the go, FreshBooks’ mobile app won’t disappoint you. Another nice feature is the ability to create recurring invoices, which comes in handy if you’re billing a customer for the same amount on a regular basis. You can also view a filtered list of your outstanding invoices so that you can send your customers a friendly reminder. That’s why we’ve designer our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that collects customer reviews, comments and FreshBooks reviews across a vast array of social media sites. The information is then featured in a simple to understand format showing how many customers had positive and negative experience with FreshBooks.

Finally, although Xero’s interface is easier to learn than QuickBooks, it still isn’t as innately intuitive as FreshBooks. You work hard every day, so you deserve to get paid for your work. The accounting software for PC from FreshBooks makes invoicing quick and simple. Try out FreshBooks today and download free accounting software that is custom-made for small business owners like yourself.

More great FreshBook experience

Invoicing and time tracking are very important to us (we’re a 3 person Graphic Design shop) and FreshBooks gives us everything we need. I signed up with Freshbooks using a 6 month offer in which I would receive a reduced rate for 6 months (£6 instead of £22). When I emailed Freshbooks to cancel my subscription (you can’t do this yourself, you have to email Customer Support), I was issued the same spiel as to why I should stay with them.

With superior handling, innovative customer experience and scalable payment options, you can rest easy knowing your invoicing is in good hands. The invoices and payment portals you send your clients will reflect on your business. FreshBooks works hard to maintain a professional presence throughout payment platforms, invoices, web pages and any other interfaces where your clients may interact. You can even customize your invoices with your brand’s colors and logo. The faster you send them accurate invoices with accessible payment methods, the faster they can pay you.

However, it limits the number of billable clients and internal users who can access the software. Organizations with more complicated business models and multiple product lines should choose an alternative. We like FreshBook’s ease of use, recurring invoicing, and customizable payment terms. We also thought its time tracking feature was a nice touch, automatically syncing with your billing. Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years. With his experience in software development and extensive knowledge of SaaS management, he writes mostly about emerging B2B technologies and their impact on the current business landscape.

Users can integrate accounting with payroll, human resources (HR), CRM services and e-commerce sales. NetSuite is a good option for those businesses looking to scale and grow, customizing services as needed. QuickBooks dashboard is more comprehensive than FreshBooks, which can be overwhelming to new users. It’s the difference in layout that makes FreshBooks easier to use than QuickBooks. Plus, there are fewer features, such as inventory management, which can confuse users new to QuickBooks. That being said, if a small business does need all the bells and whistles that QuickBooks offers, they’ll have to take the time to learn the program and master its features.

We recommend using FreshBooks if you’re self-employed, a consultancy, or a microbusiness in the service sector. FreshBooks creates a direct pipeline from converting proposals and estimates to invoices and projects. Knowing that businesses have their own business needs, it is logical that they avoid getting a one-size-fits-all, ideal business application. Still, it would be hard to try to stumble on such an app even among popular software systems. The second step is, you should conduct the research to a full extent. Have a look at these FreshBooks evaluations and scrutinize each of the software programs in your list in detail.

Completed forms can be automatically converted into related ones—estimates into invoices or assigned to projects, for example. Form customization freshbooks review options are more limited than in QuickBooks Online. You can choose from three templates, add a logo, and change fonts and colors.

Both platforms shine with their highly intuitive and simple interfaces, and both have solid feature sets for small businesses. FreshBooks has the edge when it comes to customer service, as Wave only offers phone and chat support to paid customers. Wave is also lacking compared to FreshBooks when it comes to integrations. Wave also lets you sync an unlimited number of bank accounts and credit cards to your Wave software so you can get a completely accurate view of your finances.

This gives them the ability to customize the branding of their financial documents by modifying its design, colors, and logo to be more professional. FreshBooks excels in many areas of accounting software but it can’t really compete with QuickBooks in terms of features. When it comes to FreshBooks versus QuickBooks, FreshBooks is a bit cheaper, but you also don’t get the full array of services that QuickBooks offers. FreshBooks is definitely the play if you’re a smaller business that doesn’t need built-in payroll and has a small number of users. But QuickBooks shines when it comes to advanced reports and is an all-in-one accounting solution. FreshBooks offers eight reports and three extra accounting reports for Plus and Premium users.

Unlike FreshBooks, Wave uses double-entry accounting, lets you add an unlimited number of users and offers thorough income tracking. Wave Accounting is one of the best, most fully featured free accounting solutions for small businesses. Many of its features overlap with FreshBooks’, including its customizable invoicing tool, expense tracking and online payment expenses. FreshBooks is a software that provides the accounting essentials for freelancers, small business owners and solopreneurs. It’s simple to use, relatively affordable and it makes it easy to stay organized. On the other hand, FreshBooks has limitations for larger companies or teams.

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